Charley Ralphs.

Brighton based bassist.

Studying a BA Honors in Professional
Musicianship in Bass.

Distinction in Performing Musician for Music Practitioners at Level 3.

Level 3 in Music Business.


New Try Me/Love Me video for ‘Death’ 

New Ep coming soon…

Got asked to be killed by my chums. Check out their stuff, it’s pretty alright!

I was back in the studio the other day. Was a really good session and managed to finish off all my bass parts. Can’t wait to hear the finished album, looking and sounding very big!

Quick jam with the guys from Uni the other week. Kinda Sabbath and Queens inspired.

Excuse the fact we didn’t know how to end it and we all finished at separate times. It happened. I’m over it.

My kitten photo bombed me…
Friends Are Foes at the Concorde 2, summer 2012.
Another old photo from a photoshoot with Friends Are Foes.
Lower Than Atlantis Video shoot - (Motor) Way Of Life.
London, Possibly 2011.
This was a great day spent with awesome people!
Another old photo from Friends Are Foes. Brighton 2012.

Sonata in G Minor.

Performed at British Academy of Music, London 2010.